Wire Frames and Site plan

These sketches are the general idea I have for my site. One page will be the 10 min. short doc (which isn’t finished yet). The other tab/section will be a scrolling page with images for those who want to dig deeper into the subject. Also my text is not completed and won’t be till further along in the semester, but I can put fill in.



Im guessing I will use the WordPress storytelling theme to to the scrolling part. I’m really digging this templete

I’m not sure yet what to use for the video section.
I’m still looking up details such as fonts and colors, but this is the general idea!

Site analysis


I chose this site because I speak German and wanted to hear it. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself going through the entire site, something which is unusual for me. I’m usually sift through sites quickly and rarely digest everything a site has to offer. However, this site was not only easy to figure out and to use but the content was interesting!conceptual model –  images and sound. The images have movement and the storytelling is in the audio. The audio drives the site. The home page gives easy instructions for impatient viewers like myself — “Turn your volume on and scroll down!” The task flow is simply scroll down and listen. The organizational model is simple. There is one picture per site chapter and you can easily jump chapters by clicking on the timeline across the bottom of every page. The viewing and navigation is simple – scroll down and listen!  Editing and manipulation – the only real user manipulation is in the share options at the end. The Layout consists of animated images that keep you held as you listen to the story. The Style is consistent throughout. The site has no Text besides the instructions in the beginning and the credits at the end.